About Nuwill

NUWILL pharmaceutical company with current turnover of about $3.5 million was founded in the year 1997 by MR.JAYANAGARAJA REDDY who is a pharmacy graduate from Bangalore University. Company has grown from retail medicals to research and commercial manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals since last 20 years. NUWILL has added manufacturing and marketing company called NUWILL BIOTECH in the year 2010. NUWILL has about 80 products in Indian market since 2010. The product segment covers Critical care products like sterile antibiotics, Lyophilised products, Diabetic care, Cardiovascular products, Orthocare and Nutraceuticals like protein supplements. NUWILL will add another 30 products in coming two years to widen its market and market share in other pharma segments.

NUWILL RESEARCH AND INNOVATIONS is a new venture of NUWILL which will initially focus on Formulation and Analytical development for India and International markets. Company will focus both on CRO and own product development and dossier preparation for all regulatory markets. NUWILL has state of the art development facility in Bangalore with all high end development equipments and well trained scientist.

NUWILL strategy of growth will be with niche product segments in innovative drug delivery systems along with general molecules.There are highly experienced team to perform technology transfers of customer products to their identified sites after development and scale up studies.

The key to our success is being able to provide a flexible approach for the client whether it is a step by step approach to development work or transfer of a product into development at late stage. We are able to provide clients with a wide range of options to develop small molecules into quality pharmaceutical products. This has resulted in a balanced client base of major multinational and virtual pharmaceutical companies located across the globe. We will continue to enhance our current service offerings and expand our capabilities to meet our client's growing needs and attract new customers. Contact us today to tell us about your development needs or to request a quote.

Mission:"To deliver a pharmaceutical dosage form development service which meets our customer needs in Cost, Quality and Speed"
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